Tuesday, February 23, 2010

treating aphids

February 23 -

The news this morning was that yesterday evening the cows crossed through the fence and walked through the garden. The damage was exceptionally mild. The bed that was trampled on the most had not yet been planted. A few of the green onions were walked on and the cows munched on the dill. I salvaged the cucumber so the damage could have been much worse.

Brought the soap and spray bottles to nursery and sprayed all the pepper plants for aphids. Fewer fallen fruit today. Fed the culls (peppers and tomatoes) to the chickens. The hen and chicks are still contained in coop. Sprayed the loofah. In main garden found that ants are farming aphids on two of the cucumber plants, all plants were sprayed.

T. moved the avocado to spot where mango had been, not sure why as tree was flowering. She said she moved seven bougainvilla plants to makai fence.
T. and J. used the yellow truck to move wood chips. Dropped a load on each of the two muddiest spots on the road. Then worked on putting chips around plants. Told T. she could do the papaya, if she wants to. I did ask her to throw more chips into the larger chicken coop as the cement is visible. I said that the next planting area will be along the high area where cucumbers are, asked her to remove rocks.

Seeded yard long beans in three pots. Transplanted three yellow pear tomato plants to cuke climbing fence. I brought several current tomato plants from my house and transplanted along the mauka fence of the nursery.

Talai will be back on island today. Tomorrow he will begin working on repairing the fence. I told T. this and told her that she and J. should help him for the next few days.

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