Friday, February 26, 2010

Automatic water devise installed!

February 25 -

Yesterday picked up waterers for chickens. Love the efficiency, fill it up once, does not spill, holds three gallons, won't become filled with feces. Chickens are set for water. Placed the chicken feed in the old blue cooler, which I moved to the shed. I marked the lid so hopefully it will stay where I left it. Lots of kitchen waste today so chickens have plenty food.

I let the hen and chicks out of her coop. One of the chicks was dead, no physical marks, probably disease (buried it). I placed a small waterer in the green coop. I also cleaned the food container. Placed chicken feed in small bowl, kitchen waste in food container. I placed a box full of wood chips in the coop as a nesting place. Also put chips in one of the higher nesting boxes. The hen returns to the coop, I asked T. to shut the coop door in the evening.

Treated plants for aphids. Still finding peppers damaged by fruit flies and still seeing aphid damage. Have only seen a few ladybugs. Today saw one mature and one nymph ladybug. So there are a few, I wish there were more. The cucumbers in garden had visibly fewer aphids. Am still feeding the damaged fruits to the chickens in large coop. (the hen and chicks won't eat the peppers)

Beans are sprouting in nursery bed #4.

Transferred 18 cubes of mesclun mix from vermicompost to aquaponics.
Transferred 68 plants (mesclun mix and manoa lettuce), grown in soil, to the aquaponics.

February 24-

T. back from the Mainland and working on the cow's fence. T. and J. will be working with him for a few days. Fixing the fence is priority.

A. is moving wood chips. Will make a pile closer to the garden and leave a pile by the chicken coop to be pushed in later.

Treated plants for aphids.

T. showed me the shattered triangular window on the driver's side of the yellow truck. T. explained that the window was fine before she took her lunch break yesterday, but after lunch it was shattered. The window looks as if it was hit with a rock. The truck had been parked near the garden. It is very strange.

Two buckets of cinder block available, will move plants tomorrow.

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