Thursday, March 18, 2010

manoa lettuce, in the hundreds

Rained most of the night and this morning was very wet. There is standing water around all the raised beds. One of the onion beds is mostly under water.

I worked on moving seedlings, mostly manoa lettuce, to aquabed #2. I moved 207 manoa lettuce plants, nine swiss chard and nine leaf lettuce. There are approximately an additional 100 manoa lettuce plants left to transplant.

T. and J. worked with Ta. on building cow shed. T. came up to the house going on about a cow being stuck in the mud. By the time I walked over to the far side of the pasture, A. had used the backhoe and several straps to pull the cow out of the mud of the stream. The cow did not look very happy over the experience. I went back to the plants.

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