Thursday, March 25, 2010

more lettuce, transplanting tomatoes

Spoke with slaughterhouse, need to follow up with Wong's and Ala Meats.

Found T. and J. in back area where they had dug several beds, after discussion, T. agrees to transplant tomatoes from the nursery to that area. T. and I check the garden hose, T. says it is broken. I have her turn it on and I stretch it out, looking for leaks. There is a split in the hose, near the end. I tell Tita to cut the hose at the break, only four feet are unusable. The remainder will reach to the tomatoes. The green hose we roll up. I tell T. that after the tomatoes are transplanted, she and Junior can take the weed whackers and cut the grass and weeds near the fence. I asked her to rake up the weeds and make a compost pile so it looks nicer. T. walked back to the nursery with me and I gave her 18 tomato plants.

I moved three tomato plants, two bell peppers and 16 cups of lettuce to aquaponics bed #2.
Ta. obtained additional foam to float the cups on the next beds.

I moved two tomatoes from nursery bed #4 to the garden, near lemon balm. Transplanted nine yard long beans to bed #6.
Seeded 32 cubes of vermicompost with manoa lettuce, 8 cubes with bell pepper.
Seeded two pots with sunflower seeds, two pots with Italian parsley.

Of the lettuce I seeded this past Saturday, 50% has sprouted.

Continued calling around looking for chelated iron or nitrifying bacteria. Hawaiian Chemical did not have any in stock. Green Hands of Aloha, a shop that I saw advertised in the weekly, has both the iron and the nitrifying bacteria. The store is located in lower Kalihi valley. I may bop over there tomorrow morning.

I also followed up with styrophobic distributers looking for bags. Hanson didn't answer. Malolo Beverage said she would get back to me, need to check on the small size.

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